logo SpeedBookmarks
SpeedBookmarks is basically a custom url handler that allows you to bookmark all kind of URL schemes. It launches Mail, FaceTime, Messages, your browser, etc. It has even a speed dialer, that uses your phone, just type the number and call. The app is perfect to speed up your recurring actions: call your best friend, facetime with your mom, send sms to your boy/girlfriend, write email to your boss, read your favourite blog, post to facebook, etc. You can drag the URLs to the application, or type them in the textfield and add with the plus button. The syntax is simple: facetime-audio:abc@12345something.com;ABC. Custom URL, semicolon, memo. The textfields are editable after a double click, the bigger is the memo, the other is the URL. You can reorder the rows by dragging them. You can even edit the config file:~/Library/Containers/org.attilaszabo.SpeedBookmarks/Data/config by hand, or fill it with a script, etc. The changes are read immediately.

Common URL schemes:

Facetime facetime:
Facetime audio facetime-audio:
Web http:
Mail mailto: wiki
Phone (from your phone) tel:
Message (sms from your phone) imessage:
For system admins, power users:
ssh ssh://user@
ssh vnc://user:pass@
smb smb://user:pass@
List your registered schemes: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -dump | egrep "bindings.+:" | sort